R.I.P. Vine – What Does it Mean?

In a blog post on their Medium account today, Vine announced that they’ll be closing up shop within the next few months. The words R.I.P. Vine have been circulating the internet, highlighting the closing of the platform.

This comes after Twitter’s recent announcement that they’ll be laying off 9% of its workforce in an attempt to cut costs and move towards profitability in 2017.

So, what does this mean for your Vine account?

First of all, your Vines aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Users will have the ability to download all of their vines, and their website will stay online for the time being.

Their mobile app, however, will be discontinued sooner rather than later, meaning that you’ll only be able to access the website in the coming months.

This announcement also comes after great pressure from competitors. Snapchat and Instagram have stolen a great deal of traffic from Vine, and have made changes to their platforms that really attract mobile video creators. For a new class of internet stars that became famous through Vine, Instagram and Snapchat have become very attractive options.

Further details will be announced soon through the Vine Twitter account.

Take it easy, Vine.



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