How to Use Instagram’s New Business Profiles

We’ve seen a lot of great Instagram updates lately, including the ability to add Stories which is a direct attack on Snapchat. We’ve also seen an overhaul (and the creation of) business pages on Instagram. This overhaul gives brands much more power on Instagram, and it’s important that every page owner takes the necessary steps to ensure that their profile is up to date.


Once claiming your business page, the first thing to ensure is that your contact information is up to date. From your profile page, click the “edit profile” button, then the “business contact information” button. From here you’ll be able to add a contact email, phone number, and address for your business.


Step #1

instagram business profiles

Step #2

edit business info on instagram

Step #3

contact info instagram

Once you’ve updated this information, your followers will have the opportunity to connect with you directly from Instagram. All they’ll have to do is tap the contact button featured on your profile page. From there, they’ll receive the option to call, email, or get directions to your business.


Step #1 For Your Followers to Contact You

contact us on instagram

Step #2 For Your Followers to Contact You

business contact on instagram

These features make it much easier for your followers to get in contact with your business, and really show why Instagram is becoming a more business-friendly social network. The recent algorithm update means that you’ll need to be producing content that your fan base wants to interact with, so be sure to post engaging content!


Once you’ve updated your profile, you can also choose to promote posts right within the Instagram platform. Prior to this update, Instagram ads had to be run through a business Facebook account. Now, you have the option to promote your posts individually right from Instagram, and select a call to action that best suits your brand.


Step #1 For Promoting Your Posts

promote instagram post

Step #2 For Promoting Your Posts

advertise on instagram

From here you can select your budget, time frame, and set a specific call to action. Remember if you’re sending people to a website, your site MUST be mobile friendly. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting ad dollars, as all of your traffic will come from mobile devices on Instagram.


Hopefully, now you know how to set up a new Instagram business profile, and you know how to try out their new ad platform. Be sure to follow Cave on Instagram to see what’s going on behind the scenes at the Cave office!

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