5 Slack Integrations That Every Marketer Should Use

We’re kind of productivity nerds around here at Cave.

Whenever a new tool or piece of technology comes out, someone on our team will be racing to try it out. We’re quick to adopt, but we also quick to drop. If something isn’t clicking with our team, and we can’t see the measurable benefits of implementing it into our existing tech toolbox, it gets kicked to the digital curb.

Slack is one of those tools that we instantly fell in love with. We were using HipChat for nearly a year before giving Slack a try. We all decided to test our morning out on Slack and then see if we liked it more than HipChat.

That day HipChat got deleted from all of our devices.

Slack has changed the way we operate as a team and has become a pivotal tool for us. We have remote workers which we feel connected to, simply because Slack has made communication as easy as cooking hot dogs.

The thing that really puts it over the top related to other communication platforms is the amount of integrations you use with your Slack account. On the free account you can use up to five and on the paid version (what we use) it’s unlimited. If you name your favorite software, chances are Slack has an integration for it.

We use around 15 integrations, but for the sake of this article, we wanted to break down the five integrations that we think any marketing team can benefit from implementing.

But before we do that, it’s probably important to show you how to add integrations to your Slack. First, login into your slack and head to “Apps & Integrations.” (screen shot below)

slack menu

Your browser should launch (or a new window if you’re using the web version).

slack app search

Every marketer is going to have different needs/wants from Slack. Here are our 5 favorite integrations.

5. Marker

marker slack application

Marker allows for you to easily take screenshots, annotate them and then share easily with Slack channels (and other software like Trello). It’s super useful for leaving notes, especially on web-design or if a copy error is noticed. You can also add in playful emojis, so your inner marketer is always pleased. I’ve personally found it be a great time saver, especially to give clients feedback and teammates notes.

4. MailChimp

mailchimp slack integration

The MailChimp integration lets you see when people subscribe and unsubscribe from your lists right in your slack channels. This is useful for us whenever we do a guest post with a CTA (call-to-action) at the end asking people to join our email list. Conversely, it lets us know if an email we sent out wasn’t great if we receive unsubscribes at an alarming rate.

3. Giphy

giphy in slack

Giphy lets you spice up your conversations by throwing GIFs right into the conversation. All you do is type /giphy [insert phrase] and then Giphy picks a random GIF out of their database and throws it in the chat. For us, it adds some more laughs to the work day (not that we don’t laugh a ton already). Once your team starts using Giphy, you won’t be able to stop.

2. Google Drive

Google drive and slack

The Google Drive integration allows our agency to quickly share files with channels and team members. All we do is take the shareable link and drop into the chat – easy peasy. Dropbox has a similar integration, so whichever tool your team is using, you’ll find it very useful.

1. Trello Alerts

trello and slack

Not to be confused with the Trello integration which just was released. We tried the full Trello integration, but to be honest, it wasn’t a very friendly user experience, and just having the Trello tab open in our browsers is much easier. This is because we use Trello Alerts. This integration is great for managing projects. We set up different integrations for each channel, based on which client projects we are discussing. It keeps our team informed on when certain tasks have been completed, when there are client questions, etc.

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