The 5 Most Viral Ads of 2015

This week, Adweek released its annual list of the Most Viral Ads for 2015. Maybe you’ve seen a few of them already, if not you’re in for a real treat. Take a few minutes, sit down and watch these amazing ads. Notice a common theme?

5. Budweiser “Lost Dog”

Shares: 2,808,541

4. Roc by Ronaldo “Cristiano Ronaldo in Disguise”

Shares: 2,995,849

3. Purina “Puppyhood”

Shares: 3,021,499

2. Disney Parks “Disney Characters Surprise Shoppers”

Shares: 3,943,997

1. Android “Friends Furever”

Shares: 6,432,921

It seems like animals (as usual) played a significant role in the majority of the top 5. On an unrelated note, the Cave office has immediately started its search to find a company ferret.

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Source: Adweek