3 Awesome Places to Write Content (Other Than Your Blog)

There are a lot of ways to create great content, but creation is only half the battle. Once it’s written, the focus turns to syndication. There are plenty of platforms you can publish your content on, and some are better than others. If you’re only sharing content on your company blog, I’m here to offer a few other options. These three platforms all have their own advantages, try sharing unique content or republishing articles on them today.

1. LinkedIn Pulse

Whether you have a blog or not, LinkedIn Pulse is a great place to share content. When you publish articles, your followers on LinkedIn are immediately notified, giving your content an immediate boost in reads. The platform is extremely simple to use – you can add video or images with the click of a button. You’ll see lots of engagement on your Pulse articles as well, giving you the ability to start conversations with people both inside and outside your network.

You can also use LinkedIn Pulse to republish articles. Last year we republished an article from our blog, and included a link at the bottom to subscribe to our newsletter, The Productivity Beast. After the article was featured in the Productivity, Freelance, and Self-Employment sections on Pulse, Cave netted 74 new email subscribers, over 1,200 reads and 95 likes.

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Not bad for a simple recycling of content.

2. Medium

Developed by Twitter co-founder Ev Williams, Medium launched in 2012 as a way to publish writings longer than Twitter’s 140-character maximum. It quickly grew into a separate platform independent of Twitter’s brand, and has evolved into a hybrid collection of amateur and professional publications.

Medium’s community is active, and it offers a great writing space for content creators. While we don’t necessarily agree with the tactic, some companies are even abandoning their own blogs altogether for Medium. At Cave, we see it as a great tool to reach a new audience, in particular if you’re trying to reach a tech forward, startup, marketing, VC, entrepreneur, thought leader type of audience. If you’re a thought leader, your experience is welcomed warmly on Medium.

For example, my co-founder Jordan Scheltgen recently wrote an article on Medium about Snapchat, and why he had decided to put more of an effort into the platform. That article helped him gain over 100 followers in the week following its publishing – I’m not sure if the same would have happened had he only published the article on the Cave blog.

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3. Quora

Quora is one of the most useful websites I’ve come across in a long time. It’s basically the hub of thoughtful questions and answers on the internet. Ask the community a question, and you’re sure to have plenty of good responses in a short period of time. Better yet, often your question will already have been asked and answered by someone else (no waiting required).

The platform offers users the ability to start their own blog, or you can post long-form content to popular open questions.

Long form content works very well on Quora, but short snippets of your blog posts can also work well. I wrote a blog last year on a speed reading technique we love at Cave, and shared part of the blog on several Quora threads with a link to the full article.


In just one day we saw 3,855 Quora users visit our website, with a total of 28,312 Quora users viewing and commenting on our answer. Quora works great not only for blogging but also for syndicating parts of blogs you’ve already written on other platforms. Here’s a look at our original blog posts pageviews over the course of the week after we submitted the partial answer to Quora.

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We saw a lot of high-quality traffic. The average visitor stayed on our website for over 4 minutes, interacting with our content and getting familiar with our brand. Whether you’re submitting unique answers or reusing past articles written, Quora is another great place to share your content.

Test out these three platforms for yourself, and let me know what results you see in the comments section.

For further reading on how to make great blog content, how to write your first blog that gets 1000+ reads, or how to grow your email list, take a look at one of the three episodes of In The Cave below. Thanks for reading!

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