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Jordan is the Founder + CEO at Cave. He's obsessed with helping brands tell their stories. Aside from marketing, he loves spending time with his dog, Millie.

How Brands Can Avoid the Content Commodity Trap


Social media isn’t just about getting attention; it’s about being memorable. The problem is that too many marketers over-index the importance of cheap attention in lieu of creating real connections with customers. This is because they fall into the Commodity Content Trap–creating the same repackaged content as everyone else on the internet. So, how do

268 – How to Create a Company Social Media Plan (10-Step Process)

How to Create a Company Social Media Plan

Take this 10-step process and create a social media plan for your business. Content Pillars for Your Business: Jordan’s LinkedIn: Jordan’s X: Get our Social System 1.0: ——-

4 Content Pillars Any Company Can Use to Hone in its Social Media

Content Pillars

Big brands have content pillars––and they use them. These are topics and themes around which they build all of their content. Although big brands have big budgets, teams, and seemingly unlimited ad resources, they use the same content strategies available to SMBs. So, what are these content pillars, and how can you use them? Four

Bites & Bangers: A Social Media Strategy That Scales

bites and bangers

The biggest brands and creators on social media follow this playbook with their content. And you can use it too. I call it the Bites & Bangers strategy. This approach to social media circles around two types of content: 1. Bites 🌯 Bites are short/quick-to-create pieces that (i) stop the scroll and (ii) get people

The Doorman Fallacy: How Automation-Obsessed Marketers Fail Customers And The Bottom Line


During the 1980s consultants recommended luxury hotels could save money and increase profits by firing their doorman. They figured by installing automatic and revolving doors that hotel guests could let themselves into the buildings, ultimately absolving the need for a front doorman. Seems rational, right? However, this move didn’t increase hotel profits––it lost them money.

Best Social Media Marketing Agency: 5 Choices for 2024

social media agency

After running a social media-first agency for the last 12+ years, we’ve talked to thousands of business owners about social media and if they do/do not need to hire an agency to help them out. If that’s you, and you’re looking for an agency to help you, this article will take you through the steps

⚫️🟡 9-Step Social Media Growth Plan


Today, I want to talk about the nine-step process we used to grow a struggling SAAS platform from 561 to 60,000 REAL followers in 12 months without a dollar in ad spend. Here’s the exact process we used(that any brand can copy): 1. Stopped talking about the brand Brands love to talk about themself. That’s

⚫️🟡 Balancing Chasing the Algorithm vs. Creativity on Social Media


There is one certainty in social media: algorithms change. What people want to see and what platforms serve them is always moving. So, if you’re a brand, how do you treat the algorithm in your strategy? On one hand, it’s a very real variable in the social media formula, and on the other, it’s completely

⚫️🟡 How to Create a Social Media Strategy From Scratch

social media planning

Creating a social media plan for your company can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. See, most brands run into issues with social media when they are: 1. Reactionary — constantly looking for trends and playing catch up with their social content 2. Non-aligned with company goals — this causes frustration from the social team,

259 – How Landing Pages Can Fuel Company Growth With Tas Bober

Tas Bober, B2B marketer and consultant joins the show to talk about her transition from in-house to starting her own consultancy. She specializes in landing pages and helps companies understand the value of a great landing-page strategy. Check Delphinium Solutions here:’ LinkedIn: Jordan’s LinkedIn: Jordan’s X: ——-

How to Actually Be Authentic on Social Media

authentic social

“Be authentic on social media!” – Every Guru on Social Media There’s just one problem: what the hell does ‘be authentic’ mean? Over the last decade, we’ve seen social media celebrities and coaches all give different versions of the same advice: be vulnerable, be authentic, and be yourself. This vague advice leaves a lot for

7 Most Common Mistakes Brands Make on Social Media (And How to Fix Them)

Our team has edited/approved over 15,000 pieces of social media content for brands. Here are the 7 most common mistakes and how you can fix them: 1. Focusing on a self-centered angle (bragging) 🥇 If the post is about how great a brand is and doesn’t provide any other value to the audience, it will

The Top 10 Podcasts for Marketers You’ll Actually Listen To

If there’s one common thread binding successful marketers, it’s their insatiable hunger for knowledge. And in today’s fast-paced digital era, there’s no better way to stay updated than with podcasts. Offering a broad spectrum of perspectives, podcasts have emerged as an effective tool for learning on the go. Whether you’re new to the marketing field

How to Choose the Right Social Media Agency for Your Business

The importance of social media in today’s business landscape cannot be overstated. With billions of active users across various platforms, social media has become an indispensable tool for businesses looking to reach a wide audience, drive growth, and increase customer engagement. However, developing an effective social media strategy requires expertise, resources, and time, which is

CPG Social Media: A Comprehensive Guide

cpg social

I’ll never forget the time I witnessed a company miss out on significant market share due to their hesitancy to embrace social media. They had a fantastic product, but their reluctance to invest in social media left them trailing behind multiple competitors. This experience opened my eyes to the critical importance of a strong social

How CPG Brands Can Use TikTok in 2024


Adapt or die. That’s the common theme in business. Whether is was Henry Ford bringing cars to mass production, erasing the horse and buggy or Apple bringing music to our pockets, erasing the Discman. Change is not expected; it’s inevitable. CPG marketing is no different. Ten years ago you might have been freaking out about