Mobile & Marketing: How to Crush it on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat

Marketers can no longer think desktop first, and mobile second when it comes to their brand. With 91% of American adults keeping their mobile devices within arm’s reach and more than 50% of mobile searches leading to a sale, it’s time to start thinking mobile first with marketing (Forbes). As our customers’ attention shifts from platform…

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Twitter problems

We Need to Talk About Twitter

We Need to Talk About Twitter It’s time for a Twitter-vention. I’m constantly amazed at the tactics used by marketers to sell their goods and services on Twitter. They spam, they annoy, and they push the limits on literally any tactic that shows any sort of results — and even some that don’t. Before I…

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Jordan Scheltgen

Why I Stopped Caring About Page Views

When we started as Cave Magazine, I thought page views were everything. I would fixate on the number every month, set goals around this metric, and ultimately put page views on a pedestal. Naive me thought that’s all that mattered. We would create content with multiple pages to create more page views, not realizing we…

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mad at office

I’m Not Buying Your Crap and Here’s Why

I’m tired. More specifically, I’m tired of bad emails. Let me explain. Every day I receive 4–5 unsolicited emails from account reps and co-founders all pitching me their product or flat out asking me if they can demo their product to me. All of these emails follow the same format: We help agencies, you’re an…

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Cave Social

From a Bedroom to an Office — How We’re Managing Growth

$327. That’s the amount we spent on our first marketing endeavor in 2011. We bought a bunch of posters to hand out at our university— man, we didn’t know what we were doing. At the time, that $327 felt like it was a million dollars. Though that story doesn’t indicate it, in our early days…

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going viral

The 5 Most Viral Ads of 2015

This week, Adweek released its annual list of the Most Viral Ads for 2015. Maybe you’ve seen a few of them already, if not you’re in for a real treat. Take a few minutes, sit down and watch these amazing ads. Notice a common theme? 5. Budweiser “Lost Dog” Shares: 2,808,541   4. Roc by…

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taking time off

The Importance of Taking Time Off

  I recently got a notification on my LinkedIn, it was my three year work anniversary at Cave Social. So in three years, what had been accomplished? We’ve grown our team, opened an office in South Florida, and things look bright for our future. It seems as if our heads haven’t come up since we…

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save time

The 25.5 Hour Day: How to Get More Done in Less Time

  When you’re complaining about not having time for things, remember, you and @TheRock have the same 24 hours in a day. #getafterit — Jordan (@cavejordans) September 9, 2015 We can’t change the amount of time we have in a day; however, we can change how we use that time to be more efficient. In…

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9 Tips for More Effective Meetings

11 million meetings happen daily in the US costing employers roughly $3.7 billion. There’s no doubt they’re integral to business operations; however, according to a 2013 survey, they’re also the number one thing hurting your office productivity. “Let’s set up a call for some time later this week.” This is how it starts. It’s…

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drink coffee

The Best Time to Drink Coffee, According to Science

When is the best time to drink coffee? I used to be just like everyone else. I woke up, hit the snooze a couple of times, and then bee-lined it straight for my already brewing pot of coffee. Obviously, I’d set it the night before, because how could I stand to wait 10-minutes in the…

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